Attention all analog filmmakers! Submissions are now open on a rolling basis for future editions of Celluloid Now.

There is no fee to submit to Celluloid Now and all work that meets the criteria outlined in our submission rules will be considered.

Celluloid Now accepts every kind of film: narrative, documentary, experimental, home movies, commercials, music videos, kinescopes, multi-projector films, class projects, anything! It just has to be on film.

Celluloid Now will pay inbound and outbound shipping for every film in our program.

Filmmakers will receive a screening fee based on the length of their work.

※ Please carefully read our submission rules before completing our submission form.


※ To be considered, films must:

  1. Have a runtime of 40 minutes or less
  2. Have been completed in 2010 or later
  3. Already exist as a screenable film print, NO EXCEPTIONS

※ Filmmakers may submit up to three films for consideration. Please fill out a separate submission form for each film if you plan on submitting more than one.

※ If you are submitting work without a screener link, please make a note of this in the Additional Comments section and we will contact you regarding alternate methods for viewing your work.


To be considered, filmmakers MUST provide photographic or documentary proof that their film exists in the form of an actual analog film print.

Acceptable forms of proof include: a picture of a lab-provided film can, a photo of a few frames from your print, leader with the film’s title, an image of the print being projected, etc.

You may also submit proof in the form of a listing from a previous screening that includes the exhibition format of the film, or a distribution catalog listing that includes the format of the film.

Please email proof photos or documentation to with a subject line including the title of your film and the word “proof”.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.