Celluloid Now is supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a Grants for Arts Projects award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and a Multi-Year Program Support grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Programs at the Chicago Cultural Center are presented in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and the Chicago Film Office.

The Andy Warhol Foundation — The National Endowment For the Arts — DCASE / The Chicago Film Office — Illinois Arts Council Agency

Celluloid Now is presented, programmed, and projected by the Chicago Film Society with help from Justin Dean, Brian McKendry, and Rocío Irizarry Nuñez.

Kimberly Kim of Buddy; Jesse Brossoit of Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre; Mickey Gral of Chicago Film Archives; Seth Mitter of Canyon Cinema; Alex Vazquez and Jonah Zeiger of the Chicago Film Office; Andy Tamburrino of Colorlab; Mike Reed, Nolan Chin, Margaret McCarthy, and Nicole Muto-Graves of Constellation; Robert Schneider of Filmmakers’ Co-op; Denise Marques of FotoKem; James Bond of Full Aperture Systems; Rebecca Fons and Michael Wawzenek of the Gene Siskel Film Center; Justin Dennis of Kinora; Miguel Armas and Mariya Nikiforova of Light Cone; Clay Mills; Open Produce; Simon Daniel of Simon Daniel Sound; Jon Shibata of UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive; Ben Ruder of the Film Studies Center at the University of Chicago; Gabriel Wallace. 

Particular thanks to the lab technicians, projectionists, filmmakers, cinema engineers, collectors, and celluloid diehards who have brought analog film into the 21st century for another hundred years, and to the millions of audience members whose lives will be changed because of it.